The Year of New

Everyone takes this time of the year to re-evaluate their lives and try to start anew. The New Year is the best time to stop and think about one’s life and change the things they are not proud of that were a part of themselves in previous months.

Now… My thing is, why wait until the new year to make a change in yourself? This is something that you can literally do any time of the year. Any time. Any time at all. It could be August and you wake up and be like: “I want to change!” Don’t think just because it’s the New Year that it’s a necessity to change. My advice with the New Year is not to make “resolutions” but to make “suggestions” for yourself to make you a better you.

I hear the greatest quote at a New Year’s Eve party and I think I’m going to make it my personal mantra for the year:
“Get all the negativity in my life, crumple it up in a little ball, and punt that shit the fuck away from me.”

Because literally, I have no time for it. None. Whatsoever. I have no qualms about cutting you from my life if that’s all you’re bringing to the table. No one wants Debbie / Dorian Downer at their parties all the time. I’m trying to improve my life. Listening to you complain about everything is not conducive to said improvement. A girl can only do so much eye-rolling…

But I digress… I thought I’d share the New Year’s “suggestions” I’ve decided upon for 2015.

Eat Healthier / Exercise More
I know, I know, I know… Everyone and their mother makes this one. I seriously need to re-evaluate what I’m putting in my body. I am not a teenager. My metabolism does not have the speed of a cheetah any longer.  Not to mention that I’m beginning to notice I now have wobbly bits than before. I like some of the wobbly bits but not all. Some of them need to go and a better diet and exercise is the best way to go.

Finish Writing Projects More
This needs to happen. I’ve been slacking so much its ridiculous. If you could see the amount draft blogs that I have started, you would all be ashamed. Hell, if you could see the amount of notebooks I have with uncompleted short stories, screenplays, novel-length projects, etc… Let’s just say I may be killing the planet. I’ve literally given myself deadlines, because I’m an honest-to-god procrastinator. If the deadline does not exist, shit does not get finished. Deadlines make me all panicky and force me to work. Not that I recommend this method for everyone. It can be stressful. Very stressful but incredibly effective.

Perform More
I used to be in everything; dance, theatre club, Girl Scouts, debate, A Cappella choir, all while working a part  full time job. I was so busy but so happy. I loved it. Generally, I believe that my life needs to be chaotic in order for me to function properly. Too much time on my hands results in becoming one with my sofa and a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Instant Video addiction that slowly spirals out of control. Not that I dislike it being a sofa vegetable from time to time, just not all the time.

I had the amazing fortune to see Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart  on their #NoFilterShow tour over Halloween. (side note: If this show comes anywhere near where your human person is located, go. Just go. You will thank me later.) There were two parts of the show that really stuck with me: Mamrie’s cheerleading (Youtube it, it’s fucking hilarious) and Grace’s piece on anxiety and projects. She did this great little rewrite of the song “Ugly Heart” by G.R.L. entitled “If You Don’t Just Start” (also, Youtube this). She made a great point of nothing will ever come your way if you don’t start anything. It has been stuck in my head ever since.

So, I’ve taken the initiative and started working with my local community theatre company, working on short film project with a close friend,  and writing screenplays (that I intend to finish, see earlier paragraph). I’m going to perform. Lots. An obscene amount that I may regret it promising myself to get involved in.

So those are my suggestions/resolutions for myself in 2015. I shall keep you abreast of the situation and upcoming projects. This should be a very interesting year. Very interesting, indeed.