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Oh, shut up Boston…

So whilst perusing the other day, I stumbled upon an article talking about the coldest weather and most snowfall on record in the shortest amount of time in some areas of the United States this year.

Of course, we all know about the Snowpocalypse that happened on the East Coast, but the next party of the article literally made me shake with angry. Yes, shake with angry.

Boston record low this year was -3 degrees.

Lemme say it again; Boston record low this year was -3 degrees.

As a Pennsylvanian-born/Minnesnowtan-raised human, I laugh at -3 degrees. -3 degrees is a warm winter day in Minnnesnowta.

Have you ever got up for work/school/whatever activity you must leave your home for, walked outside and experienced -60 degree weather? Imagine being slapped all over your person with freezing wet towel while simultaneously being stabbed with a million tiny needles.

It’s not comforting. No. Not at all.

So shut up, Boston.


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